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We’re off to Moonshine for the Rib-a-Cue so we won’t be posting here – but keep an eye on @DangerPigs where we’ll be giving your regular updates. If you can’t be eating our ribs today, at least you can keep an eye on us, amirite?

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Danger Judges

Posted by Andy | Posted in Duane, Events, KCBS | Posted on 14-09-2010


On September 24, Andy and I are off to Murphysboro, IL for “Praise the Lard!” – the 23rd annual Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off. I believe this to be the first Danger Pigs KCBS judging excursion. While it’s quite a drive, we encourage any of you to head on down that weekend and sample some great mid-season barbecue. There’s also a chance that the Danger Pigs sauce will be entered into the sauce competition! More information about the event can be found here.

While Andy’s away, the Duane will play

Posted by Duane | Posted in Duane, Food Porn | Posted on 13-04-2010


Andy thought it would be a good idea to leave the country for the first 9 days of beautiful weather here in Chicago, so I decided to whip out the smoker and spend two weekends using it. Unfortunately, my first weekend wasn’t captured on camera, but the menu was as follows. All meats from Gene’s Sausage Shop in Lincoln Square here in Chicago. If you haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Smoked and pulled pork butt – no rub, no marinade. Just smoked, pulled, then served plain or with Andy’s homemade sauce. If you’re looking for pure pork flavor, nothing beats this.

Marinated Chicken Wings – I had four huge skin-on legs, and they weighed in at nearly 2 lbs. total. The marinade was a buttermilk base with some garlic, ancho chili powder, lime, coriander, cumin, tumeric and hot sauce. This was hands down some of the juiciest chicken legs I’ve ever had.

This last weekend, I went back to Gene’s and picked up a 5 lb. brisket and a few huge logs of cherry wood for the smoke. I had to go to Jewel for a 3.5 lb. salmon fillet. I’m not proud.

Here’s the lineup:

Danger Judging, KCBS Style…

Posted by Andy | Posted in Events, KCBS, Updates | Posted on 30-01-2010


On the frigid morning of January 30th, our two BBQ smoking superhero pigs set out on and adventure to learn more about how to evaluate smoked meats.

With a little help from I-GO, their newly acquired Toyota Prius hybrid hatchback made the quick 30 minute drive out the west suburbs of Chicago.

In a course taught by KCBS President Mike Lake, our Danger Pig friends learned how to objectively analyze single portions of barbecued chicken, ribs, pork shoulder and brisket.  Following this class, an oath was taken.

From this moment forward, these Danger Pigs do solemnly swear to objectively and subjectively evaluate each barbecue meat that is presented to their eyes, their noses, their hands and their palates.  They accept their duty to be Official KCBS Certified Judges, so that truth, justice, excellence in barbecue and the American Way of Life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit…

Posted by Andy | Posted in Andy, BBQ Insight, Uncategorized | Posted on 24-01-2010


When you talk about BBQ, there are a few staples that come to mind:  Brisket.  Pork Shoulder.  Sauce.  Ribs.  And BEANS.

BBQ beans are a fun little phenomenon.  In order to be considered relevant in the BBQ world, you have to have outstanding beans.  Yet, there are no competitions for beans.  People don’t judge beans.   And there isn’t really a ‘right’ way to do beans.

It’s rare that you find an establishment that people go out of their way to dine in just for the beans.  With that being said, I do know people that won’t eat at specific BBQ joints simply because their beans are “terrible”.

There are so many different types and styles of beans.  Thick, sugary molasses bomb beans.  Thin watery spicy beans.  Beans with ham.  Beans with beef.  Beans made with tomato paste.  Beans made with vinegar.  The possibilities are endless.

Today, we decided to play with our BBQ bean recipe.  Inspired by watching an episode of “Down Home with the Neely’s” this morning, I ventured out to the store for a sack of dried beans, some molasses, a stout beer, onions and jalapenos.  The base recipe for Danger Beans have brown sugar, molasses, bacon, brisket, onions and finely chopped bell peppers.  Today, I’m keeping the basics the same, but instead of bell peppers I’ve used jalapeno peppers… and I’ve added Guinness Extra Draught beer.

The beans will take about 3 hours to do their business… So we’ll update pictures on our Flickr site:)

Into 2010…

Posted by Andy | Posted in Events, Updates | Posted on 18-01-2010


The Danger Pigs have cleared the 2009 hurdle and are already on a crazy pace throughout 2010.  There is so much going on right now that we really don’t know where to begin in explaining it all.  That’s a good thing, right?

Throughout 2010, we don’t foresee the Danger Pigs competing on a national level just yet.  With the competition successes we’ve had in the past two years, as a team we’ve decided to turn our attention towards application and equipment  successes in 2010.

Current projects include:

  • Engineering and fabrication of a new smoker.  See the plans as they develop on our Flickr page.  You can also click the Flickr link in the right margin.
  • We have lined up multiple classes and camps at a local culinary institution – instruction on everything from poultry to fish to meats to conceptual cooking at one of the top rated culinary institutions in the country.
  • Plans to purchase the first ever Danger Pigmobile are in the works.  We don’t know what form this vehicle will come in, but we believe it will be a sight to see nonetheless.
  • Enrollment in a Kansas City BBQ Society certified judging class for January 30th, 2010.  With enrollment into this class, we will not only be certified KCBS judges, we’ll be called to action as judges in the the annual Red, White and BBQ Competition in Westmont, IL.
  • It is possible that we may attend a competition BBQ class in 2010… but enrollment, dates and location of that are still pending.
  • Since we’re limiting our contests this year (in hopes of completing the new smoker this fall), we’ll have some time to cater.  Give us a shout!

As we keep adding experiences, knowledge and recipes, we’ll keep all of you fans posted on the news.  Stay tuned!

-Andy Phelan

And Then They Was Bonafide…

Posted by Andy | Posted in Events | Posted on 29-12-2009


I know many of you fans are looking for updates from the Danger Pigs, so here are a few for you:

The holiday season has been wonderful!  Lots and lots of rest; lots and lots of food; lots and lots of movies!

As a part of our off-season training regiment, the Danger Pigs have decided to become KCBS judges.  I mean, if you’re going to try and survive in the world of competition BBQ, you might as well know how you’re being judged.  We are wicked excited to make the trek to Westmont, IL on January 30, 2010 for the 5 hours of learning.

Upon completion of this class, we Danger Pigs will be certified KCBS judges with all rights and privileges, and we’ll be qualified to judge any KCBS BBQ Competition.  So… Not only will the Danger Pigs be competing this summer, there just might be a few weekends where we step on the other side of the table to do some judging.

Class will cover several criteria in the judging process including:  Appearance, Tenderness, Taste, Thorough Cooking Practices, Presentation, and more…

For anyone interested in taking a KCBS judging class, please check out the KCBS website for a class near you.

Weekend Summary

Posted by Andy | Posted in Events | Posted on 29-09-2009


The 2nd Annual Jack Daniels Moonshine Rib-A-Cue was a huge success!

Despite the threat of rain all day Saturday, the skies stayed clear and people flooded in for BBQ ribs.  We were so happy to meet many, many new people and were grateful for overwhelmingly great feedback.

I think every Danger Pig will step up and say that the ribs we put out Saturday were some of our best to date.  We were extremely proud of the food we put forth and the droves of people who had the chance to try them loved them!

Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the rumor of rain – we had a great time!  Our next stop will be the Lambs Farm Barn Burner event in Libertyville, IL in October – we hope to see anyone that can make it out!

In the pursuit of Liberty, Justice and Hickory for all… the Danger Pigs bid you farewell for now.

We’re on the blacktop – follow us on Twitter

Posted by Duane | Posted in Events | Posted on 26-09-2009


We’re off to Moonshine for the Rib-a-Cue so we won’t be posting here – but keep an eye on @DangerPigs where we’ll be giving your regular updates. If you can’t be eating our ribs today, at least you can keep an eye on us, amirite?

Brand New! Limited Edition! Collector’s Item!

Posted by Duane | Posted in Updates | Posted on 25-09-2009


The Danger Pigs just got the first run of our very special, awesome edition business card. Get yours at the Rib-a-Cue tomorrow! It’s sure to be worth a pretty penny, you know, when we make it big and you’re all working for our global umbrella corporation.

An unspecified number of these cards were *cough* accidentally lost somewhere on the CTA today. If you find one, come to the Rib-a-Cue tomorrow and show it to us. The secret pass phrase is “I love the piggies cuz they’re so delicious – boo ya.” The first five people to accomplish this daring task will get the prize of a lifetime! You get to touch our cutting board!!

Ok, ok, calm down. You’ve got to be one of the first five to do this. Everyone else will just get a funny look.

The ribs are doing their thing with the smoker right now, and we have sauce to make so it’s time to wrap it up for now. See you tomorrow!

2nd Annual Moonshine Rib-a-cue

Posted by Andy | Posted in Events | Posted on 22-09-2009


All you need to know about barbecue